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This 140W solar panel has a strong 35mm Anodised Aluminium Frame or Powder Coated Black Frame with toughened glass. The PERC A grade solar cells have been used to give a high-power output. The panel is provided with red positive wire and a black negative wire with solar connectors attached for easy identification. These panels are commonly used but not limited to vehicles, caravans and motorhomes for charging 12V batteries when connected to a solar regulator.

Please note this product is not compatible with 23V DCDC controllers.

Curtech 140W Monocrystalline PERC Solar Panel

Frame Colour
    • Maximum Power (Pmax)  140W
    • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)  17.5V  
    • Maixmum Power Current (Imp)  8.01A
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)  22.3V
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc)  8.06A
    • Maximum System Volatge  1000VDC
    • Dimentions (LxWxH) 1105 x 666 x35mm
    • Weight 7.8kg
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