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REDARC’s new Universal range of Wiring Kits feature technology that enables compatibility with modern driver aids such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, lane departure, collision avoidance and where the vehicle brake signal may be generated from different systems.


The standard 1m Remote Head cable that comes supplied in the Tow-Pro Elite (EBRH-ACCV3) will support the location of the remote head in the centre of the vehicle when the main unit is located around the glovebox area. If the preferred location for the remote head in these instances is on the driver’s side, you will need to purchase and fit the 2m remote head cable.


By using a REDARC Tow-Pro Wiring Kit you ensure a quick and high-quality installation of Australia’s favourite brake controller, the Tow-Pro Elite.

REDARC offer a wide range of accessories to aid and assist the install of the market-leading Tow-Pro Elite into most vehicles including Switch Inserts, Remote Head Wiring Kits, Encapsulated Protection Devices and a Mounting Bracket Kit.



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