This is a packaged product unassembled.

It includes:

  • 150W ETFE Flexible Solar panel 1485mm x 540mm with optimizer placed below the panel. 
  • UV Stabilized Polycarbonate 16mm thick with 3 sets of open insulation cells, 2 x 700mm x 540mm. There is a 40mm gap in the middle and a gap around the optimizer.
  • Polycarbonate has 4  x 12mm routed strips of removed outer polycarbonate skin leaving reservior for Sika 252 application to bond to panel and the caravan/Karavan/Kruiser roof. (Sika is not included)
  • Extruded alloy front and trailing edge 540mm x 19mm, 2 for one panel.


  • Lightweight at 3.9kg for 70W output (Solar Panel 2.4kg, Triple Insulated Polycarbonate 1.2kg, Sika to fix 0.3 kg, Alloy end caps 0.07kg)
  • Highest quality Sunpower cells giving a 20%+ yield and 150W from 1485mm x 540mm.
  • Top finish is Japanese ETFE with 5 year warranty against de-lamination or peeling.
  • Triple insulated with 3 sets of air pockets in a honeycomb UV rated polycarbonate base between the solar panel and roof
  • Has concealed optimizer and cabling
  • Fitted with an extruded leading edge to prevent driving under overhanging trees damaging front of panel
  • Has concealed airspace under for panel wiring to traverse across other panels.
  • Isolated panel bonding from roof expansion


How they work:

The Triple Insulated Solar is:

  • Lightweight ETFE finished flexible solar panel
  • Bonded to a UV rated polycarbonate sheet
  • With alloy extruded leading and trailing edges.
  • Solar optimizer or connection block is mounted underneath the solar panel and is the same height as the polycarbonate triple insulating material.
  • Polycarbonate triple insulating material has four layers with 3 air flow pockets between the top and bottom layer. 
  • Insulation factor is R3 which means it lets through 1/3 of the heat energy.
  • Solar panel on top of the triple insulation layer is cooler and operates more efficiently. 
  • Triple insulation layer keeps inside caravan temperature cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Temperature comparison of Triple Insulated solar installed on top of Optima Black Solar on Kimberley Kruiser S3.

  • Photo on left is temperature of Sunpower black cells on top of Solar Panel .
  • Photo on right is spot temperature of bottom polycarbonate cell sitting on top of Optima Black solar.

Triple Insulated Solar 150W

SKU: SOL150245612
  • Voc 29.4V
    Isc 6.55A
    Vmp 24.5V
    Imp 6.2 A
    Temperature Co-efficient 0.32% / Degc
    Using a MPPT Controller at 98% Efficiency
    Max Operating Voltage to Battery MPPT Controller 14.5V (Charge)
    Typical Max Measured Operating Current to Lithium Battery after MPPT Controller with perfect orientation at 25 deg C 9.8-10.2A


    SKU SOL150245612
    Brand Safiery
    Shipping Weight 1.3000kg
    Shipping Width 0.370m
    Shipping Height 0.020m
    Shipping Length 1.050m
    Shipping Cubic 0.007770000m3
    Unit Of Measure each