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Custom 12 Volt Solutions for 4x4's, Canopies, Caravans, Campers Motorhomes, Off grid and Landscape Lighting including 12 Volt Solar, Dual Batteries, Brake Controllers, & Anderson Plugs. 

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Shane Adams started his Auto Electrical Apprenticeship back in 2004 on the Sunshine Coast. After working in a couple of busy workshops Shane moved into 12 volt recreational vehicle wiring working for and eventually running a well known 12 Volt Solar shop in Caloundra. After 6 years devoted to this Company he moved on to building Totally 12 Volt. Since then Shane has been setting the benchmark for Custom Off Grid Auto Electrical installations all across Australia and the USA. 


Totally 12 Volt is not just your normal Auto Electrical Service it's a business built on passion for  achieving the highest quality 12 Volt Systems for Off road Living. 


Everyone’s needs are different so that’s why it’s important having the imagination to build a custom 12 Volt System that not only works but is functional as well. As an avid camper Shane believe's if you’re going to focus on the RV market you need to understand it by getting out and using the gear and coming up with new ideas. Its not about the "sale" but about designing a system that is tailored to suit what the customer is trying to achieve, “which means a happy customer”.

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