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This 180W solar panel has a strong 35mm Anodised Aluminium Frame or Powder Coated Black Frame with toughened glass. The PERC A grade solar cells have been used to give a high-power output. The panel is provided with red positive wire and a black negative wire with solar connectors attached for easy identification. This panel will be suited for charging 12V battery banks when installed in parallel or larger voltage systems when installed in series and can be used for caravans, motorhomes, small off grid and vehicles.

Curtech 180W PERC Solar Panel

Frame Colour
    • Maximum Power (Pmax)  180W
    • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)  19.5V  
    • Maixmum Power Current (Imp)  9.23A
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)  23V
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc)  10.23A
    • Maximum System Volatge  1000VDC
    • Dimentions (LxWxH) 1455 x 666 x35mm
    • Weight 12.5kg
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