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The MultiPlus 12/1200/50-16 is a powerful inverter/charger from Victron Energy. It offers the benefits of a sine wave inverter, adaptive battery charger, high-speed AC transfer switch, and PowerAssist technology in one compact system. The MultiPlus ensures uninterrupted AC power and can supplement grid or generator power with inverter power when needed.


  • PowerControl: Manages limited generator, shore side, or grid power.
  • PowerAssist: Boosts the capacity of shore or generator power by adding extra inverter power when needed.
  • Two AC Outputs: The main output provides a no-break functionality, ensuring uninterrupted power. The second output is live only when AC is available on the input.
  • Parallel Operation: Up to 6 MultiPlus units can operate in parallel for higher power output.
  • Three Phase Capability: Three units can be configured for three-phase output.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Through various interfaces like the Digital Multi Control Panel, Color Control GX, and other GX devices.
  • Programmable Relay: Can be set for general alarm, DC under voltage, or genset start/stop function.

MultiPlus 12/1200/50-16

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