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NOTE: Please supply with a Victron 18amp DCDC

OR a Victron 30amp DCDC


Our "The Early Knockoff" Power System is designed for DIY installation in the canopy of your 4WD. It features all the quality components you expect for reliability whilst exploring this wonderful country we share.

"The Early Knockoff" consists of the following items:

  • 1x Victron DCDC Orion-Tr 12/12-18A
  • 1x Victron MPPT SmartSolar 75/15
  • 1x Victron Monitor BMV-712 BLACK
  • 1x Anderson Plug I/O
  • 1x Cigarette Socket
  • 1x Twin USB (1x 65w USB-C, 1x 18w USB-A)
  • 1x Shervey 6-Way Low-Current Fuse Block W/Neg
  • 2x Cable Glands for Miscellaneous Hardwiring
  • 1x Internal Cooling Fans

Dimensions: 440mmH x 490mmW x 110mmD

Shipping Dimensions: 464mmH x 515mmW x 145mm D

Net Weight: 8.5kg

Prefabricated Power System "The Early Knockoff"

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