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Totally 12 Volt Touch Switch Panel- Light Symbol x 2, Water Pump Symbol, Power Symbol


Add class to any 12 volt system with the sleek design of the Totally 12 Volt switch panel.  Housed in an aluminium frame the switch panel is faintly illuminted at night with just enough light to locate the switches in the dark. When each of the four switches are turned on the symbol illuninates to a bright blue. The centre switch turn off all four circuits. 


This is the perfect solution to caravans, motorhmes and 4x4 canopy systems. 


Each circuit is rated at 10A DC. 

If different fused circuits are required we recommed using our 4 way relay module. 


Size:86*86*35MM Max.

Current:10A Max.


Material:Fireproof PC Certificate:CE ROHS FCC

Warranty:5 Years 

Certificate of Design Patent

CE, FCC ceritificate

CE certificate

Totally 12 Volt Touch Switch Panel 5

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