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The Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 24/25(1+1) 230V AU/NZ from Victron Energy is a Bluetooth-enabled charger designed for optimal battery charging and maintenance. It offers a unique adaptive battery management system that can be preset to suit different types of batteries.


  • Bluetooth Smart Built-In: Enables wireless setup, monitoring, control, and updates.
  • Phoenix Smart (1+1): Two outputs to charge 2 battery banks. The second output, limited to approximately 3 A and with a slightly lower output voltage, is intended to top up a starter battery.
  • Adaptive 6-Stage Charge Algorithm: Bulk, absorption, recondition, float, storage, and refresh stages.
  • Automatic Voltage Compensation: Compensates for voltage drop over the DC cabling by slightly increasing output voltage when the DC current increases.
  • Fully Programmable: The charge algorithm can be programmed with Bluetooth or the VE.Direct interface.
  • Protection: Offers protection against battery reverse polarity, output short circuit, and over temperature.

Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 24/25(1+1) 230v

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